First Hispanic Vocal Music Course

HispaSong is proud to announce its first Hispanic vocal music course in collaboration with National Distance Education University (UNED).

by Admin    02 October 2015

When music meets gastronomy: Seven different ways to cook eggplants

Maybe you are thinking: “What kind of post is this? Eggplant recipes? Are you a musician or a chef?”

by Admin    20 December 2014

Mi noche triste (My sad night)

“Mi noche triste” (My sad night) is an Argentinian tango composed by Samuel Castriota. It was an instrumental one, and its name was “Lita”. Later, Pascual Contursi wrote the lyrics for it and changed its name into “Mi noche triste”.

by Admin    19 December 2014

Josep Janés and “Combat del Somni”

“Combat del Somni” is the Mompou’s most famous collection of songs. But “Combat del Somni” is also a book written by Josep Janés a Catalan poet, best known for his work as publisher in Spanish postwar period. Mompou took the poems from this book.

by Admin    28 October 2014


“¡El lañador! El que tenga tinaja que componer,
que me diga que suba porque yo sé
remendarla y zurcirla con el punzón.
¡Ha llegado, señoras, el lañador!”

“Doña Francisquita” (Amadeo Vives y Guillermo Fernández-Shaw, 1923)

by Admin    25 October 2014

Rare Spanish musical instruments

by Admin    21 October 2014

The lads of Monleon

by Admin    19 October 2014

Sing in Spanish

Be happy

by Admin    11 October 2014

Lyrics in Flamenco songs

by Admin    10 October 2014

Musical nationalism in Falla’s 7 Popular Spanish Songs

by Admin    25 September 2014

HispaSong Seasonal Activities

Workshops, lecturers, courses, concerts

by Admin    22 September 2014

HispaSong Journal

On June 2015 Hispasong Journal will be launched. We welcome contributions from any expert till the 15th of January 2015.

by Admin    12 September 2014

HispaSong and Indo Hispanic Language Academy

signed a collaboration framework agreement

by Admin    06 September 2014

Orthoepy & Singing

by Admin    29 August 2014

Salads and Ensaladas

The first idea when you think of a salad is the lettuce, maybe the tomatoes or the carrots, other raw vegetables and the sauce.

by Admin    22 August 2014

Spanish pronunciation and Phonetic alphabets

by Admin    21 August 2014


Internet resources in English

by Admin    21 August 2014

1st HispaSong International Composers Contest

HispaSong is proud to announce the winners of the 1st International Composers Contest.

by Admin    18 October 2013

HispaSong in Australia

In July, 2013, Hispasong will travel to Australia to offer concerts, workshops and masterclasses to spread Spanish vocal music.

by Admin    01 July 2013

Spanish Roots Brochure

The pleasure of singing vocal music in Spanish, learning the language, understanding the culture, the history and making friends.

by Admin    01 July 2013